MENU The Bosham Association

1. Planning

Bosham is a beautiful place with ancient origins. It has changed over the centuries and will continue to do so. The Bosham Association’s Committee endeavours to assist in maintaining its character by welcoming sympathetic development and objecting to inappropriate development. It is guided in this by reference to the emerging Bosham Neighbourhood Plan, the Bosham Village Design Statement, the Bosham Conservation Area Character Appraisal and the Chichester Harbour Conservancy Design Guidelines.

2. Flooding and Sewerage

The BA committee has amassed detailed knowledge of the Bosham drainage system over the years and has played a key role in persuading the authorities to make certain changes whilst providing practical assistance to riparian owners. The Parish Council took the lead from the BA in 2010, but we continue to maintain a watch on drainage issues and are available to advise if required.

Bosham is prone to flooding both from the sea, during storms and exceptional high tides, and from the land due to run-off of rainwater from surrounding fields and streams, as well as from the Downs. Serious flooding of some roads and properties resulted from exceptional rainfall in June, 2012 and again more recently. As a result of climate change, severe weather conditions are expected to become more frequent.

The village’s drains are in many cases antiquated and are liable to become blocked but the fluvial flooding risk can be minimised provided regular maintenance is carried out. Sea flooding will always be a problem but can be mitigated by providing and maintaining the sea walls, as far as possible. This work has been spearheaded by the Association in the past.

3. Roads and Transportation

The Association maintains contact with the West Sussex County Council, Chichester District Council, and Southern Rail to try to influence action on parking issues and public transport services.

Some roads have a problem with the volume and speed of traffic which needs to be attended to. These include the Bosham section of the A259,  Delling Lane, Walton Lane, Bosham Lane and Taylors Lane.

4. Other Matters Relevant to Bosham

We believe it is important to have an active organisation concerned with the environment of our village and surrounding areas which is separate from the Parish and District Councils who are sometimes constrained by their statutory responsibilities. The Association has been able to initiate action on a number of important issues. Examples include:

1.      The improvement achieved to reduce flooding following the publication of a comprehensive BA report in 2001.

2.      Taking the lead in raising funding, both official and private, to improve the surface of Shore Road to reduce the 'Bosham pong' caused by rotting algae.

3.      Enabling construction of the Trippett wall. The Association submitted a planning application to replace the unsightly gabions along the eastern end of the Trippett with a matching continuation of the existing wall. This was permitted by Chichester District Council and was built from July to September 2014 (see the Recent News page on this website).

4.      The BA's ability to mobilise substantial opposition from members and other residents to undesirable planning applications. These included:

  • the protests against a proposed ancient footpath diversion
  • the original Burhill application for a dense housing scheme at Burne's boatyard site.
  • the application for a touring caravan park at the north end of Delling Lane
  • the application for the construction of poly tunnels at Ham Farm.

With its large membership the Association is able to alert its members on issues of importance to the village and to act quickly when a problem is highlighted.