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Planning Applications

The Bosham Association regularly looks at Planning Applications to see if they correspond with the Association’s aims to maintain, protect and improve the environment, both built and natural, of the Parish of Bosham and surrounding areas.   The Committee’s Planning Group receives notification of planning applications from the Bosham Parish Council and where appropriate, representations are made to the Chichester District Council (CDC) which may be an objection, a letter of comment sometimes suggesting ways of making the application more acceptable, or on occasions a letter in support of the application.

It has recently been taking an interest in the following applications
(updated 12 June 2018) :-

CDC Ref. No.      Location                                             CDC Decision

18/00900/ELD      Harbour Way, Chidham                     Pending consideration

17/03148/FUL      Highgrove Farm                                 Pending consideration

18/00493/DOM    Adelaide Terrace                                Permitted

18/00418/DOC     St Wilfrids Lighting Plan                  NA 

17/01940/FUL     Smugglers Haul  Smugglers Lane    Refused

To see details of these Applications
On the CDC website page click on 'View planning applications'. Then enter the Reference Number omitting suffix  eg 16/12345. Click on 'Search'.  Full details can then be seen by clicking on appropriate tabs e.g. “Documents” and “Important Dates”.

General Planning Guidance

Only certain issues can be taken into account when objections are made.

They include whether:

  • a proposed use is suitable for the area
  • the appearance and size of a new building is in keeping with its neighbours and the surrounding area
  • external alterations to an existing building are in character
  • adjoining residents will suffer any overshadowing, overlooking or loss of privacy
  • there will be any increase in noise and disturbance, for example from extra traffic
  • new roadways and accesses and adequate parking will be safe for road users and pedestrians
  • in the case of an application for an advertisement, the proposed sign is too large or unsightly
  • a public footpath is affected
  • there is any visual affect upon the landscape, for example loss of trees and hedgerows
  • the proposal conflicts with our planning policies

They do not include:

  • loss of view
  • boundary and other disputes between neighbours, for example private rights of way or covenants
  • loss of property value