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The Bosham Association

About Us

The Bosham Association is an organisation formed in 1963 to maintain and protect the character and environment of Bosham and surrounding areas such as Bosham North and the Broadbridge areas to the North of the A259. Our first president was John Betjeman, that “well known poet, author and stalwart defender of all beautiful buildings and places.”

The ancient village, with its Saxon Church featured in the Bayeux Tapestry, forms the core of the Parish.  The Conservation Area encompasses historic groups of buildings, the important quayside and the fishing cottages. The area is a magnet for sailors and visitors.  The Bosham Village Design Statement well describes the six “Character Areas” that form the parish: the dispersed settlements and countryside, the nineteenth and twentieth enlargement of the village around the railway station and the inter war settlement of The Hoe.

We currently have around 440 members who annually elect a committee to work on behalf of members and the village as a whole. The Association is non-political and independent of the Parish, District and County Councils, although it aims to work with these and any other relevant organisations for the benefit of the village.

The past 50 years have seen great changes in the social and physical fabric of the UK.  It is remarkable that the many local organisations, in working together, have managed to retain the beauty and tranquillity of our parish – looking ahead, a challenge for us all.  The written constitution retains the purpose of caring for the entire parish of Bosham.

Issues come and go - development, both inappropriate and desirable, flooding, dog fouling and projects such as the Trippet wall.  Currently engaging our attention is the divisive nature of the A259 and is clear that more can be done to integrate the areas of Bosham and Broadbridge.  This will be tackled during the year ahead.

Aims and Objectives

The purpose of the Association is to maintain, protect and improve the environment, both built and natural, of the Parish of Bosham and surrounding areas and to carry out works necessary for that purpose. In furtherance of that purpose the Association may work with or make grants to other non-commercial organisations provided the objects of those organisations are compatible with the objects of the Association. The Association may also publish papers, reports and other literature, make surveys, hold meetings, lectures and exhibitions consistent with this purpose.

The Committee

It meets monthly, usually on the first Tuesday, to discuss matters relating to the village, including a review of planning applications. It also commissions its own projects. All members are encouraged to suggest matters for our attention, either in person to a member of the committee, by replying to our email newsletter or via “Contact Us” on the website.

The committee endeavours to publish a monthly email newsletter, highlighting matters discussed.

Our president is Mr Peter Newman

For more information about Bosham and its history, see Wikipedia

Bayeux Tapestry
1064 arrival of Harold, Earl of Wessex, at Bosham Church.
- through to -
1066 when crowned King of England, and killed at Battle of Hastings.