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October Newsletter
Sunday 08 October 2017

Bosham Association 
representing the Village to elected and other authority

District Plan Public Enquiry
Thanks to all of you who attended the sessions at CDC: the Examiner was certainly aware of Bosham’s presence. For those not there, the contribution by the consultant employed by Brinkman Estates was impressive, demolishing CDC’s logic of site determination so completely that it left CDC officers visibly stammering for answers.  Alas, for whatever reason, when BPC took the lead, it chose to ignore this advantage and did not seriously attempt to argue the case for the village’s preferred sites.  Indeed it appeared to abandon making any case, instead asking for wording on density of trees to be attached to the application, dismissed by the Examiner as irrelevant to the Enquiry. We were bitterly disappointed.

What does this mean? First, we all understand that Bosham must see its share of new-build housing. Our neighbourhood plan urged small site developments within the existing village to better absorb newcomers but the reality is that CDC is under pressure from central government to deliver large chunks of housing: one expandable site with one developer and one planning application is a surer way of achieving this than what was in our plan. Undoubtedly, if/when we need 200+ houses, we cannot only use brown-field sites and, thus, we must preserve our green spaces as well as ensure the social provisions that come with a larger development. It may even be that Highgrove is the best answer to the question but that is a decision we want to make in Bosham and BPC’s failure to argue that is the real tragedy here.

As an aside, we note suggestions that St Wilfrid’s wants to tweak its plans to make the roof higher, presumably on cost/accommodation grounds. Perhaps this reflects that they too now (as we) believe that this was not the right site for them. As most know, it was CDC’s approval of this site for a hospice rather than housing – against the advice of its officers – which was the first blow to our neighbourhood plan.

A259 hedge project
On a happier note, the WSCC volunteers duly helped clear the main sites of the hedge programme and we and our volunteer groups have started planting some of the trees and bulbs. Some 1,800 bulbs have been planted so far and the Broadbridge Drive section is now complete. Our volunteer day yesterday (7th October) concentrated on Penwarden Way. The only disappointment is that CDC had agreed to dispose of the tree waste but have not yet done so. We are on to this!

After that, we have 135 hedge whips and 40 bushes arriving for a planting programme on 17th and 18th November. Please come along and help us if you can. Even if you cannot, please come along to the official celebration on Sunday 19th November from 11.30-12.30. This will be near the White Swan Pub and include sausage rolls and drinks for all while local dignitaries ceremonially plant and name some trees.

Riparian owners
We debated a campaign, as we enter the traditional Autumn flooding season, to remind householders of their responsibilities to maintain drainage to waterways alongside their houses. You will hear more.

We have started preparing for our AGM, which is in the Village Hall on Saturday 25th November at 3.30 for 4.00pm. As always, there will be plenty of opportunity for Q&A of ourselves and various invited guests, including our councillors, BPC and others. Be there if you can!