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February Newsletter
Friday 09 February 2018

Bosham Association 
representing the Village to elected and other authority

It was another busy meeting in February and here are some of the points discussed.

Campaign for 20mph speed limits
We promised we would pick this up and we are doing so. You may recall that 20mph limits in the village were part of our Neighbourhood Plan but, as reported in our December newsletter, the Parish Council were finding difficulties in implementing this. One of our members took this up direct and, as a result of his efforts, BPC will debate this again at the next meeting on 14 February. We intend to be there to press the case. It will, we fear, need more than this. Much of the difficulty BPC reports comes from the county highways department. National pressure groups report that there are marked differences between counties in the implementation of these schemes; and West Sussex is one of the worst. Many of the laggards peddle reasons for their unwillingness – including cost, unenforceability and limited effectiveness – which the pressure groups believe can be shown to be false. We will, thus, need to take this further and hope to work with BPC in doing so.

Highgrove consultation
Yes. You thought this was over but we have another one! The examiner’s report has seemingly required some modifications to the Site Allocation DPD, which require a further consultation. This started on 1 February and goes on until 16 March. While the Highgrove site itself is seemingly not to be radically changed, there are the expected new North and East buffer zones (to permit trees to shield the site), there are two other requirements, namely that the layout and mass of the site takes due account of its setting; and that it must be connected to an adequate sewerage system. We believe that both give strong grounds to raise our protests again, particularly given the Conservancy’s late but powerful attack on the site because of its impact on the setting of the AONB and the SDNP; and Southern Water’s recent damning letter saying that there is no capacity for such a site at present. We will be making these points to the consultation process.  

Trippet Wall
We pass on that some repair works are expected to commence in late February, although full repair requires planning approval. We must congratulate WSCC on the speed with which they have moved on this matter.

Dog mess
We raised an appeal last month for more cash for our doggy bag provision and our appeal this month is for dog owners to use the aforementioned bags!  Quite a few of you report that there is more un-bagged dog mess in our village than there used to be. Worse, it is in the winter so we cannot blame it on inconsiderate tourists! This is a horrid health hazard and we are supporting a poster campaign to focus on it.  Let me know if you have a place near your house suitable for a poster.  Further action will be taken if necessary, including designating the village as a “hot-spot” with regular warden patrols.

A259 Hedge Project
The bulbs continue to poke their heads through and we are planning our activities for 2018.  This will include extending our clearing and planting to the West side of Brooks Lane (and we hope to work with Hyde Homes on this) and we have just ordered another batch of Primroses to flesh out the existing. As noted last month, we have further saplings to plant, courtesy of the Woodland Trust. All this means we have another weeding and planting day coming up. We hope that as many of you as can will be with us on Saturday 17 February (at 10am; meet at post box at end of Brooks Lane) with gardening gloves at the ready!