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October Newsletter
Monday 08 October 2018

Bosham Association 
representing the Village to elected and other authority

20 mph survey
The numbers voting within hours of our leaflet drop was a harbinger of what was to come.  By the closing date, we had received 640 eligible household votes – representing a roughly 40% response, a figure considered extraordinarily high in social attitude surveys.  For your information, the vote slips are being held by one Committee member and will be destroyed when they are no longer needed. 

We are not being coy about the numbers.  However, we are not releasing the details until they have been independently scrutinised.  But we can say that they overwhelmingly show that traffic speed is a widespread concern and that, whilst the introduction of a 20mph limit is by no means a perfect mechanism to mitigate its effects, it is currently the only realistic possible remedy.

To this end we have asked the Parish Council for their support as we take the findings to our County Councillor, Louise Goldsmith.  Thereafter, we undoubtedly face a long and uncertain process.  We are in competition with other communities pressing for similar schemes and funds as we know are severely limited.

We must record our thanks to all those Committee and non-Committee members who helped with distributing the leaflets, knocking on doors and “hosting” ballot boxes.  We were also appreciative of the support for our initiative, particularly when this came from those opposed the whole idea of any limit!

Car park you cry.   And so do we.
You may have seen the work to remove the macrocarpa in the car park and CDC’s promise to “design a scheme … which would provide re-planting and landscaping in the future”.  Badgered by us, our District Councillor is now on the case to make sure that “in the future” means the very near future.  There is already a blueprint for the car park which formed part of the Neighbourhood Plan.  It allows for landscaping both soft and hard.  It divides traffic from pedestrians.  Bosham is an important gateway to our area’s tourism. The first sight of the historical centre of our village for the annual count of c250k visitors could hardly be less appealing. We will point out that this facility earns the CDC major monies whilst they expend little.  If they can find £55k for the Midhurst car-park then they can spend on ours too.

Water and sewerage
For once a good news story under this oft vexed headline.  Howard Mackenzie Wilson, who “is” water for the BA, recalled that Dick Pratt and his sharp-eyed neighbour (who when working on his garage discovered the problem) dealt last year with a long-ago collapsed conduit to the Leat.  The result, Howard reports, is that the Central waterway is once again running freely (and that’s even in this low water table year). Furthermore, and after a long absence, wild life has returned: coots are paddling and ducks quacking.

Chichester Harbour Management Plan
Dick Pratt’s response to this has been submitted to the Conservancy.  It can be read on our website here.

Hedge Project
Thanks to the hard work of many under the direction of Margaret Devitt, the autumnal work of clearing hedges and bulb planting has been completed (the narcissi should be a gorgeous golden carpet come Spring).  In addition, broken fences have been dismantled, logs shifted and holes filled in with bags of pre-delivered soil.   The land drain at the end of Brooks Lane will shortly be dug and cleared (fingers crossed, reducing the chances of the frequent puddle becoming a veritable lake).  The financial contributions that have made much of this possible, from The Lions, The BPC and Co-op Funeralcare’s charity account, are greatly appreciated.