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April Newsletter
Tuesday 10 April 2018

Bosham Association 
representing the Village to elected and other authority

Data Protection emails and letters:  A big thank-you to all, and that’s a goodly number, who have replied.    If you haven’t, please can you ASAP, or you’ll cease to be a member when the legislation kicks in (May). 

First, potholes
:   There are some shockers.   Do photograph and send them to WSCC via    It really does work as a reporting, getting something done, mechanism.

Second, junction Walton and Chequer Lane and damage to verges:  Suffice it to say that consequent upon a resident snapping a miscreant lorry, we have a direct line to the very helpful St Wilfrid’s Site Manager.  All vehicles movements, plus times, are recorded. So, add the time to your picture and we’ll forward.     With this evidence the Riot Act can be read to offenders.

Dog fouling:  Whilst we don’t want to be a village scarred with “don’t” posters, we do need to tackle the issue.    Chichester District is about to launch a blitz on this (plus litter and fly-tipping).   We are discussing how to support them. Meantime, a very generous resident has donated just shy of £300 for new bag dispensers.  We hope to get the CDC to adopt (and thus empty) the red disposal bin that has been put, less than helpfully, in the middle of the children’s play area of Brooks Green (corner of Brooks Lane).

Brooks LaneThose of you who have not seen for yourselves the transformation wrought by locals, working under the guidance of BA Committee Member, Margaret Devitt should do so.  Don’t take our word for the efficacy of this community effort:  The Woodland Trust (who supplied most of the whips) want to use it in their publicity to show how they can support such works, indeed what an effective community project can deliver.

Although, and perhaps surprisingly, about 90% of the winter’s planting came up the team would love to bulk it up.  A good home is offered to any daffodils, primroses, cowslips, bluebells (English!) or periwinkle you may not need.  Let us know and we’ll collect. 

Immediately?  Thanks to Hyde Homes a third path was laid last week.  Plans for extension works next winter are being formulated.   However, in the meantime we must acknowledge generous gifts; from one local resident, a tree in memory of a family member; and from another, not so local but made because he is that sort of person, a sizeable sum for upkeep of the works already done. Bosham will be grateful to both, as to the rest of the bevy of enthusiasts involved, for years to come.

And now our minds are turning to getting Elms back along the village lanes to which they were once integral.  This in part was inspired by studying a fascinating map of 1822, in the possession of Dick Pratt’s family since forever, which will be going on the Web Site alongside his Directory of Bosham Place Names. Here too, we have been blessed by help from a BA member who advised on format, and our web host has also very generously said he will put the data on the site for a modest donation to charity. A test version is already up ( for you to look at.

Millstream Bank:  As previously reported, the Survey (paid for by two supporters) has been done.   The National Trust don’t have monies for the Works per se, but will lend expertise and both they and the Friends of Chichester Harbour will ask for volunteers to repair the bank.  We may be asking – if not press-ganging – our Membership at least touting for help…..

NB: Bosham Parish Council Assembly, Village Hall, 6.30 – 8pm. Wednesday 25th April.