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December Newsletter
Saturday 09 December 2017

Bosham Association 
representing the Village to elected and other authority

Thanks to all who came to our AGM
It looked to us like a record attendance and we appreciated your presence and incisive questioning of both ourselves and our invited guests. This gives us the impetus to go out and try to get things done. Particular thanks to Rev Martin Lane, who faced the largest number of questions and dealt with them openly. Indeed, his remarks were repeated at Church the next day and are now on Holy Trinity’s website.

Highgrove update
As we write, there are 109 objection comments/letters lodged on the CDC Planning site, so a few more than was received for the first planning application a year ago. Well done to all who have responded. It was good to see a strongly worded objection from Bosham Parish Council. CDC’s planners should have no doubt that we do not like this peripheral, environmentally unsustainable development; and time has not diluted our opposition. We still do not have the examiner’s report into the site allocation so Barratt’s application remains premature.

A259 hedge maintenance and plans
2017 was only the start of this. After our celebration of the planting in November, we are making plans for what needs to happen in 2018. We have ordered whips to in-fill some of the remaining gaps in March and we are arranging fencing to block off the old pedestrian walk-ways while the bushes grow. We are arranging supplies for a maintenance schedule and are planning the preparation for the wild-flower planting near the roundabout. The other plan is to work with Hyde Homes and BPC over the Brooks Lane green and the hoped-for playground and path. Further out, we discussed the feasibility of working on the south side of the A259 and, indeed, hosting some experimental new hybrid elm trees.

Speed limits in Upper Bosham
Prompted by a member, we are investigating the background to slow progress in implementing the 20mph speed limits in Upper Bosham – indeed, throughout the village – called for in the Neighbourhood Plan. As reported in recent BPC minutes, the implementation of these runs into bureaucratic obstacles but we are hoping to work with BPC in trying to overcome these before there is any tragedy.

Repairs to the mill-stream bank
Having raised this last month as an issue, two generous members have offered to help fund a survey of how to properly address the problem and we have engaged Natural Engineering Solutions, a specialist, to visit us and determine a way forward. There will also be an ecological water vole survey of the stream, conducted by the CDC Community Wildlife Officer. We have enquired of potential funding sources (including a helpful National Trust) and, once we know the scope and cost of what is required, we will report back.

Burnes shipyard
We were sad that Burhill’s representative could not make our AGM. They had indicated a hope to be able to talk about plans for Burnes shipyard but these are not ready yet. We are sure that members would have wished to impress on Burhill that our support for a development there would be dependent not only on its merits per se but also on Burhill delivering on its prior promises over the Mill Pond and the Second Meadow.

Season’s Greetings
A very Happy Christmas to all our members! Your committee meets again in January to start work on our 2018 ambitions.